My Little Rhythm HD

Just released on August 20th !!
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My Little Rhythm HD
価格: ¥170

Info : If you cannot hear sounds using this application, you may have been muted your iPad.
To check current settings, this page will be helpful. iPad: Understanding the side switch

Just like our previous work “My Little Note for iPad”, “My Little Rhythm HD” is an application for improving your basic musical skill.
When studying how to read the musical score, people tend to focus only on “tunes “. But no musical note makes a piece of music without being played to right rhythms.
“My Little Rhythm” surely is an amusing musical game, and playing it with repetition lets the player to read rhythms faster, and eventually the entire score easier.
Unlike printed material, visual and acoustic perception help players to feel rhythms more intuitively.

Let alone the acoustic education for children, this makes a perfect rhythm training tool for everyone, from children to grown-ups, and for those playing in a brass band, chorus group, as well as a rock band.


Review by Apps4iDevices (Aug. 24th, 2012)


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